herzlich Willkommen

Hi all!

I come from Indonesia, but at the moment I live in Berlin until the beginning of the next semester, then I’ll move to a city, somewhere in Germany. I hope it’s gonna be Bremerhafen, one small harbor city at the North Sea, and it’s just about 30 minutes away by train from Bremen.

I wish to study there, I’ve sent the application and all I can do now is waiting and praying

to think about it, it’s almost 2 years since I finished my high school. I can’t believe I’ve been spending all this time just to learn the German language and do all the preparation. It cost me unbelievably a lot of time. But I believe it`s worth it.

Well, we all live just once. gotta take every chance we get right? Anyway, I can’t promise this blog’s gonna be funny or inspiring. I just write to share.

Welcome to my scrappage!