March for Palestina

Today I participated in a peace demonstration against Israeli Invasion to Gaza strip. For me, it’s the first time to attend such occasion. I’d never come to any protest like that in my own country. But because it’s in Germany, and I believe it’s safe, so I dared to go.
It was really peace action, we carried candles, pocket lamps, torches, some even brought lampions. Then we marched from the Domsheide (in front of Bremen Cathedral) to Hauptbahnhof (Main Station)

Too bad it was raining. It’s freezing cold since it’s winter and the wind was pretty strong. However  a lot of people were there, many of them was women and children. Personally, I’d prefer to do the march when the sun still shines, because it’d be warmer. But of course it’d be ridiculous to carry the lamps in daylight. So I was kinda struggle to keep my candle burning. A little girl lighted my candle when it was blown by the wind, and at other times, I lighted it for other people. We shared light in that cold winter night, that was beautiful.

Another precious moment was when I heard someone read the Quran aloud. He read it so beautifully that I petrified for seconds. I haven’t heard such wonderful voice these days. And at the very moment, the cathedral bell rang, and it didn’t impair the man’s voice, and I thought, See? we could have lived peacefully together, even if we have different religion.

My Friend said, “It doesn’t bring us anywhere you know? It won’t solve the problem.”
I’m afraid he’s right, somehow I know the demonstration alone is not enough to bring peace to Gaza. But what else I could do? I just want them to know that we care. We’re just not sitting around and having fun. ( we do have fun though, but we care). My other friend told me, that we should do what we still can do and believe that every little things taking place now takes effects in the future, just like the butterfly effect. As long as they still struggling there, I won’t lose my hope and pray. Maybe someday I will be able to do significant things to help them.