Bremen Christmas Market

My boots got broken few days ago, so yesterday me and my roommate went to Bremen to look for a new pair. I waited for her until she finish her work at 5 pm. Then we went downtown. It was frigging cold but we decided to walk, because we like the Christmas atmosphere, the shops were all full, the passages were crowded, and the street was full of decoration.

after we had dinner, we checked a few shops, but I just haven’t found what I was looking for, so we went to Cathedral where the Christmas market was held. there were a lot of huts where people sold a lot of kind of food, most of them were Glühwein (special drink for Christmas), candies, sweets, fruits, toys, candles, you can find a lot of things for Christmas gift there.

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because it was soooo crowded that we had difficulty to walk, we drop in a small English cafe, it was so small, we were lucky to get a place to sit, I ordered white chocolate, and a cheese cake, while my roommate had cappuccino, so we end up talking all the time, instead of finding a pair of new boots, 😛