Campus Life

Like any other college students, Monday isn’t my favorite day. I don’t hate Monday though. Monday is good if I want to forget something or just stay away from any annoying thoughts. Because Monday is simply… exhausting yet fun 🙂

You see, every Monday I have 5 long blocks of lectures (1 Block = 90 minutes), I have 15 minutes break between each blocks, most of the time the lectures are not located in the same building, so practically I spend the precious 15 minutes only to go to the next lecture, I can barely buy something to eat. Well, in the lunch break you’ve got to hurry to the canteen (we call it Mensa here in Germany) to avoid that lousy long line. Just try to imagine, queuing with noisy hungry stomach and a backpack full of books in windy  -5°C temperature, and a gray sky. Not a very pleasant thing to do everyday. But you can have a nice small talk with your classmate to forget the nasty winter weather. but personally most of the time we were just cursing the the weather or the long endless blocks ahead of us. 😛

we finish all the class at 17:00, that means I have 3 hours before aerobics training. that’s right! sport exercise at night. we simply don’t have the time in the morning or in the afternoon, and I’m just too lazy to do anything on the weekend. It’s free facility from the ASTA (some kind of student association) so we have our own trainer.

I usually got home at 22:00 and can’t wait for a hot shower. I don’t have the energy to learn or to do anything else. Beside, I have to be at the campus before 8 am on the next day, so I just go to bed or go cuddling my boyfriend 😛