I’m an intern

I now, it’s been such a long time. I even wished I got the password right when I signed in. lol

I’m already in the higher semester now, and currently doing my internship in a second largest food company group 😀 I thank God for that. There are 10 people in my department, 4 of them are interns, but at the end of the month, one of my colleague will be leaving. By then he will finish his 3 months internship. I’m sad because he’s one of the friendliest person in the house, but I’m happy for him too.

actually, everybody here is nice. We shake hand every morning with a big smile, it’s not like meeting your boss or your advisor, it feels like meeting your old friends. Everything is new and interesting to me, but I kinda left jobless, because it’s autumn holiday for school, that’s why everyone who has children is now in vacation, including my advisor.

Anyway, there are a lot to learn, since the life here is so different than the student life I’ve been living this couple years. I hope I can begin to work with my own project soon, I know the next several months will be precious and exciting, I’m really enjoying my time here