Am I being stalked?

Do you know why did I make this one blog, even though I actually already had other older blogs? Yes! because I got busted :p

what’s done is done, so I’ll just tell you a story that no one knows about 😉 On one of my blog I mentioned my crush’s name at that time and he found out that blog. I didn’t tell any substancial story, but I was so embarrased. Moreover that one blog-host actually reveal the blogger identity, and being a secretive person that I am, I decided to abbandon that site. Not long after that. the site was vanished and transformed into some kind of gamer site so my scrapped page has disapeared with it.

I also had a blog together with my 2 other bestfriends in highschool, But it was practically abadoned after we graduated and went to different cities to attend college. Some sweet stories about our school, our silly habbit and friendship were written there. It’s too bad that it’s gone now.

My other blog was forsaken because a very simple yet very stupid reason. I forgot the password lol. Well, you know, I’m not a good blogger who updates her site regularly. At one time I was so busy or simply didn’t feel like to write anything anymore for a very long time, so yeah I forgot. Recently the host was taken over by a a much bigger website company and they changed the security system and all. I’d like to go back to my old blog again if I could. I tried to gain the access several time, but failed. Then I give up. That’s when I accepted the “failure” and take up whatever concequenses that might come with it.

Until several months ago when I called a contact person of the supplier of the company I am working now. He asked if I ever write a blog? He said he found a blog that could be mine, and I said it was long ago since the last time I updated the page. I still don’t know which one did he discover, or is it really mine. but the bigger question in my head was, “How on earth did he find me? did he googled me or something? What???” I panicked because on my older blog I wrote some really really stupid trash, well I still do now, but back then was ten times worse. I didn’t really think before I posted. But the kind collague encouraged me to write again though. I was very touched… and confused.

And since some weeks a certain collague from far far away department keeps asking me when will I get married. That is a very strange question. It’s normal if one only ask once on a whim. But asking that question several times rouse my curiosity. “Why?” what make him thinking that I’m going to get married in the near future? Until I checked my blog and read that most of my articles are about wedding or marriege…. DUH! See? I can be really oblivious some time lol.

Well, my dear collague, if you really think that I’m gonna have a wedding soon, because you somehow found this blog and read, I’m very sorry to dissapoint you. Yeah, somehow maybe deep down I desperately want to get married. But hey, who doesn’t want to? Most of asian people still value marriage as a sacred institution. Maybe not now, immediately, but I dont’ know, everyone want to have family, more than just living together. I know some western people can have a home and a family in it without marriage, but we are different. Anyway, the point is, even though someone write a lot about something, doesn’t mean it’s what’s going to happen, and I’m sorry if I unconsiously delude you, I didn’t mean to.

Well, this is really awkward. But it teaches me to write more usefull, more senseful stuff than just my girly whim.

p.s. the wedding is planned for next year 😉 😛