my awesome first internship

everything has its end. so does my time at this wonderful company. I started my intership in autumn 2011. I knew it immediately that I’d have amazing time here. the beginning is always the hardest. I didn’t know exactly what to do, how the communication works, how the system goes and so on. but then you start learning. you know the people little by little. I was so blessed with such kind and open collagues. the managers are all awesome and competent. the technisian and operators are almost always helpful and eager to work together. the other intern are cheerful students.

Here I’ve witnessed an event that wouldn’t happen in my country. the site manager would offer to bring you cappucino or espresso after lunch, even though you’re just a mere intern. and the site manager would go to the coffee machine, prepare the drink and bring it to you personally. this happened several time. I dont think there is a manager level person back at home would do that. simply because they think, I’m the boss of this whole plant here, why would I prepare beverage for a lowly student? ain’t nobady got time for that. In fact, the intern might have to do some really silly work that doesn’t have anything to do with their study, such as copying documents, preparing coffee and stuff. Here, you are appreciated as a person, as a student, as a human being. that doesn’t mean there are no hierarchy here. They know hierarchy, but they have more respect for workers.

I had the opportunity to make my first ever business trip at this multy national company. I had to present my work at other plant in the UK. my ex-boss, site manager in the UK and other higher ups even went the trouble applying UK visa for me. The trip was awesome. I should’ve done my presentation better, but it was my first real business presentation and I was really nervous. I was so embarased of my bad english, but seems like everyone were really understanding. And by the way, it’s quite a wonderful feeling knowing your work are used also at other plants in europe. On the last day, a new manager from UK came to our office and our plan manager introduced me. this new boss of us even know and appreciated my work. it was a very good feeling, the feeling of appreciation.

I also had an awesome boss and colleagues, that were very friendly. The most awesome thing is, they are more than just colleague. They are families and they are close to each other. They were also open and welcoming to students. I had seen them solving problems and conflicts together. It was a good experience and I learned a lot about soft skill from them. But it was one thing to observe and another thing to do it yourself.  I was also invited to the company’s annual party where everybody had a lot of fun after a nice dinner. There were various competitions and I could see why everybody was so close too.

I am just very grateful for the opportunity to work together with my ex boss and colleagues. I’ve learned a lot and I am happy to got to know them and work in such a good company as well 🙂