Namárië, old me

I finally gained the access to my old blogs and other sites. You see, I’m a strange person, I have the need to share my thoughts, days, and stuff, but on the other side, I don’t want to really reveal my self, my stupidity. I simply don’t wanna reveal “me”, so I wanna keep some stuff anonym.

I have this bad habit, that I make too much accounts in numerous websites, just post one or two stuff there and never use it again until I forget the passwords, or even worse, until those website change its functions like friendster or multiply.

Tonight, I recovered the control over my old sites and deleted all of them. It’s kinda bittersweet, reading my old blogs again. Learning what kind of person I was at the time I wrote those blogs and how much I’ve changed since then. Some texts are pretty bad and embarassing and some are fairly good. But I feel I had to delete all of them because I already have this one over here. Now it’s relieving to know that the stuff that are not supposed to be published are already taken down.

I’m pretty sad, that one contact person from a supplier of my company found one of my old blogs and encouraged me to write again. Well I’m still writing, but maybe he wouldn’t be able to find me now. I’m really sorry for that but I’m really happy that he cares.

One thing I’d like to say, be very careful of what you write on the internet, esspecially if you use your real name. I wrote stupid things when I was younger, but until now the consequences are pretty ok. But you don’t know what could happen, so just be very careful