I finally got my bachelor degree in engineering!!

After 5 years of having fun, traveling around europe, being lazy and hardwork i finally finished my study last year.

3rd Jan 2007. that day I arrived in Berlin, Germany to begin my study. I was 17 years old and pretty much didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t know how to cook, didn’t know how to wash clothes didn’t know how to take care of my self. My german was bad despite the previous course I took. I left my family and all the comfortable life I lived since I was a baby.

After Studienkolleg and another long semester of preparation, I got the chance to begin my study in HS Bremerhaven in 2008 in a study course I somehow wanted so badly. In the process I’ve started learning. I made new few friends. I tried to adapt to the weather and the food, trying to cope with new cultures and novel conditions. as the time passed by, the few new friends became best friends, and I made more and more friends. the food I cook became tastier, the lonely harsh winter become more friendlier and the homesick became more bearable.

I was taught by capable proffesors, studied together with friendly amazing classmates and met a wonderful boyfriend. By studying abroad I learn more about bureaucracy, discipline and punctuality. I also know a bit more about conflicts and priorities. this whole time, I’ve been far away from my loving parents, supporting lil sister, wonderful childhood friends and a comfortable easy life at home. Sometimes I miss their presence, the tropical hot weather, the delicous food, even the erratic mess of my hometown.  After all the drama and struggle, I finally made my thesis defense in July 2012. all thanks to the help, support and prayer of my dear family and friends.

The graduation ceremony was held on 27th Oct . My parents and sister visited me and I was blessed to attend the ceremony with them. I was very delighted to see the joy in their proud eyes even though they did not understand the language. But they know that their daughter and big sister has achieved her highschool dream and all the struggle, the tears and yearning during this 5 years was not for nothing.

In my home country,usually the ladies wear “jarik” and “kebaya” NOT abaya under their academic dress. Kebaya is our traditional dress. But here in Germany we dont wear academic dress, let alone traditional dress. The ceremony is also much simpler and elegant, and that’s what I like from Germany, they tend to go directly to the point.

After all,  when the fight has been fought and you won, at the end you could forget the bitterness and taste the sweetness of victory. Ok, now I’m exegerating. Some people would spend a lot of money on clothes and hairdo to celebrate it. some other might think it’s just an end of study and a beginning of another phase in life and doesn’t worth a celebration, because you still have to face the real professional world out there. But you don’t know what it means to me. I’m coming from a delevoped country, not many people have the opportunity to go to college, let alone to study abroad in such country as Germany. We have given a lot to achieve this and celebrating this gift with your most important people and being able to thank them directly for their support all this time is priceless and I thank God for that. My bf was also among the graduate even though he finished a couple months earlier than me. so yeah, it was a special day for us and I’m grateful for this blessings. that day, life was awesome! 🙂