My version of Udon Soup

Udon a la rylai

Udon a la rylai

You know what’s perfect to eat in the raindy cold weather? a simple soup of udon.

you just need:

  • frozen Udon (see the direction on the packaging how to cook them, the one I was using has to be cooked 1 min in boiling water, sieve and wash in cold water to avoid further cooking and place it on your bowl)
  • Surimi (artificial crab meat made of fish)
  • thinly sliced beef 350g
  • onion spring
  • Nori Strips (dried seaweed) 1
  • enoki mushrooms
  • dashi stock/chicken stock 1,5L
  • soy sauce 3 tbs
  • sugar (only because I dont have mirin) 2 tbs
  • pepper and salt

my bf doesn’t like dashi, so I used chicken stock insted. bring the stock to boil, and add soy sauce and sugar. put salt and pepper to taste and turn off the heat. Put the enoki mushrooms, surimi and thin sliced beef to the soup for about 2-3 min to cook and place them on top of your udon using your chopsticks. Place the chopped spring onion and shredded nori strips on your udon, and finally, add your soup and it’s ready to serve. you should be able to find the ingredient in asia shop. you can also leave out the topping you don’t like and use the ones you like.  very simple right?

This might not be the typical japanese udon soup, but the texture of udon noodle is very different than that of pasta or other asian egg noodle. Serve udon with delicious clear soup and your favorite topping on cold day, and you would want a second bowl.