This is Granada


Granada is a small beautiful tourist destination. The city has it’s own airport, but the direct flight sometime costs more than twice of the indirect flight. If you come from Bremen, it is cheaper to fly to Malaga or Sevilla, then take a bus to Granada. The bus trip will take about 1 hour and 40 minutes. One of the renown inter city bus in Spain is ALSA Bus. The one way ticket from Malaga to Granada costs 15€/person. The bus departs in certain times, mostly in 1 hour interval, but you should be able to ask the bus timetable on the front desk of your hotel in Malaga or directly at the bus station.

I recommend to pick a hotel in CENTRO or REALEJO area in Granada, because you can reach everything by foot. If you don’t like to walk 15 minutes climbing up the hill to reach Albayzin or the Alhambra, you can always take a small bus that also goes through a small passageway.  The hotel in Albayzin area is also very nice and it is nearer to tea shops and restaurants, but of course you would have to pay more. The hotel in other area should be cheaper, but you would need to take a bus to go the city center.

The must visit place in Granada beside the Alhambra is definitely the viewing platform near Mirador san Nicolas where you can enjoy picturesque views of Alhambra and the city both during the day or in the evening when the lights are turned on. In Albayzin you can find numerous unique souvenir shops in the narrow passageway that radiates moorish vibe from the past. After walking around and discovering beautiful corners of Albayzin, there’s nothing better than enjoying a cup of tea or coffe in one of the stalls also in Albayzin area.