My Dota Experience

When almost every girl in my home country are busy fangirling korean actors and boybands, I was busy cheering Na’Vi on one of their dota 2 matches. When my cousins and lots of my friends would spend their whole weekend just watching korean drama or go to one of their concerts, I spend my free hours watching Lumi’s or Toby’s commentary. Esspecially when they cast Na’Vi or Mousesports.

I really like the new Na’vi with Funn1k and Kuroky, but the one I can’t get my eyes off of is their solo mid. Yes, his name is Danil “Dendi” Ishutin. I like them because of their ballsy moves to dive under tier 2 tower to get a kill while tier 1 is still up.  Even though sometimes they end up dead as well.  They often pull it through though, and left me wonder if they already calculated the mana cost, the range, the hp regen, the tower damage and the bugs as well all in matter of seconds.  It might as well plain luck, but luck doesn’t come twice, or more. It might just a reckless play, but hey! no risk no fun right? Kuroky with his legendary flak cannon bear rubick, Funn1k, Xboct and Puppey, I like them all <3. And I love Dendi because of his amazing Pudge’s blind hooks and his crazy carry earthshaker. More than that, he makes people smiles with his silly acts or his little dances, on stage or just anywhere. Some people said he’s overrated, but for me his Pudge is the one that get me to watch the pro scene for the first time. Okay, I really sound like a fangirl now lol.

 My bf introduced me to this game probably one year ago, it was still Dota1. The first hero I played was Keeper of the Light. Can you believe that? I’m still wondering why he suggested me to play this hero for the first time ever in Dota 1. Of course I would never run out of mana and could spam my illuminate. So I ended up killing every creep wave and got a lot of money. I’d bought mechan, bloodstone, shiva’s guard and boot of travel, which would be imposible in pub game, let alone in pro game haha. But hey, that was my first game and of course I died a lot in spite of being the fattest kotl ever because I don’t know who my opponents were and had know idea about other hero’s ability. I was also oblivious about the mini map and the items.

Dota Items

I continued playing support and my bf mostly played carry, even though sometimes he is the one buying salve for me, lol. We usually go to the save lane. I used Crystal Maiden a lot (hence… this blog’s name) and I also learned how to play Lion, Viper and Lina. I tried to play Sandking, Tiny, etc. but I’m really bad at meele heroes so I don’t like playing them except for Treant Protector. I also tried to carry with Drow Ranger and Medusa. But nowadays we like to pick random heroes just to get to know all of them better. Sometimes it went so well with the random hero and I wind up liking the hero so much, like Lina and Treant. But sometime the game end really really bad and I get really emotional and got into a real fight with my bf 😦 I really have to control my rage and keep reminding myself that, dota is just a game and doesn’t worth any fight lol. By the way, we only play dota 1 because we can’t get beta key for dota 2 yet.

Sometimes I envy these professional dota players. Basically their hobby is their job. They wouldn’t complaints about deadlines or mondays. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I don’t like what i’m doing. In fact, i like it alot, but I still wish the weekend were longer, you know what I mean? I understand they also face different hurdles though. Communication, coordination, team work, and winning mentality are extemenly crucial. For example, someone like me would never be able to be a pro gamer no matter how much I love the game. First, because  of the skills, second I got nervous everytime someone watch me play 😛 Anyway, for them dota is not just a game.

Recently, we don’t play dota that often anymore because of reasons, but I still watch dota mathces on youtube or twitch tv, and I’m really looking forward to TI3 in August. I’m happy that Mousesport won the western qualifier.  I wish we could buy tickets and go to one of the LAN-final events, but unfortunately it’s still imposible for us in the near future. I hope Na’Vi takes the 1000000 USD this year, even though Alliance seems really strong in the past couple of months but, in Na’Vi we believe. 🙂