Soto Tegal, the famous local delicacy

Soto Tegal

The Legendary Soto Tegal

Soto is one of the most delicious Indonesian cuisine. There are a lot of type of Soto. Usually, soto is named after its city or region. For example, soto tegal, it is invented by the people in Tegal, center Java. It is the home village of my mother. Apart from Soto Tegal, this city is also known for tahu aci and pilus. In the center of the city, there is a market called Pasar Senggol. Exactly in the entrance, there is our favorite soto stall known as Soto Senggol, but the name of the stall is actually Moro Tresno, which in Javanese literally means “come love”. A rather interesting name isn’t it? 😀  The soto from moro tresno stall is pretty legendary. When the fasting month coming to end, people from the capital usually pass the main road crossing the town to go to their home villages to celebrate the holiday with their family. A lot of people would drop in the simple small stall just to taste the savory soto.

Soto tegal is usually served with tauco, a fermented bean paste and garnished with fried shallot and chopped scallion. there are chicken and beef soto, but my favorite is cow’s tripe, but you can mix them all together as well. The famous jasmine tea of Tegal best accompanies Soto for lunch.

Warung Moro Tresno

Warung Soto Senggol

Moro Tresno

Moro Tresno