Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

My entry for this week’s photo challenge was shoot in Paris when I was on holiday with my parents.

Since me and my sister were children, my mom really likes to take picturesof us. And when our family went on vacation, my father is always the one with the camera. There was no digital camera yet, and the film was not cheap where we live, therefore, there are not a lot of pictures of my mom and dad together. In the last year, though, my dad could find a time off of his busy schedule to visit me, and we took a flight to Paris. My mom has always wanted to go around europe with my father, and I was very happy to accompany them in Trocadero and took several picture of them together with their bright smile on their faces. Well, growing old together with your loved one is definitely one of the most beautiful thing that could happen in your life, right?