Fontana di Trevi and it’s virgin water

Trevi fountain is probably one of the most well known fountains ever built. Yes, it is such a lavish structure for a fountain. A lot of people throw coins into the water, some just hope to have fun, others believe their wish would come true. It was really crowded when we were there, it was so hard to take pictures. But that should be expected when visiting a fountain this grandiose. BBC once reported, around 3000€ is gathered every night from the fountain to be given to charity. There are many legends about the this particular fountain. The most likely one for me is the one that told about soldiers who are supposed to search for the springs near Rome. These soldier met a young girl and the girl led them to the fountain. And that’s how the pure spring is named the virgin water.

Fontana di Trevi

Fontana di Trevi

largest baroque in Rome

largest baroque fountain in Rome

In January 2013, the fountain would go under 2.2 million euro restoration

In January 2013, the fountain would undergo a 2.2 million euro restoration