Decadent Chocolate Cake, Sachertorte

Sachertorte is a decadent dessert specially invented for Austrian Prince in 1832 to please his important guests. Well, what can be more perfect to delight several guests of the royal family other than a nice chocolate cake? There are several version of this cake. The original Sachertorte has two layers of dense chocolate sponge cake and apricote jam between them. The cake is fully covered with dark chocolate icing. People say that the secret behind the Sacher torte is not the cake itself, but actually lies in the chocolate icing. Rumor has it that the icing is made of three unique type of chocolate which are imported from Germany and Belgium.  The Sachertorte is traditionally served with unsweetend whipped cream.

My friends and I had to chance to visit Vienna in the winter during semester break. We were really eager to taste this Vienna’s special delicacy. It was really intimidating, you know,  for students with limited budget like us to step into a lavish cafe such as Sacher Cafe, where even the waitress looked beautiful and affluent. So we just rushed to the counter, ordered one medium cake to take away, and hurried outside without taking any picture of the other pretty cakes and tarts displayed in the counter. Unfortunately, we forgot to buy the whipped cream, duh!

posing in front of Hotel Sacher

several sample of the packaging on the display.

“There is only one Original since 1832”

A wooden box for the packaging

Sachertorte inside the box

Our cake!!!

look at that perfect chocolate icing

My Slice of  the chocolate rich indulgence :P

My Slice of the chocolate rich indulgence 😛

this post is my entry of “A Word A Week Challenge”. This week’s word is decadent. I understand there are several meaning of this word, but in this post, I wanted to take up the “over the top” and “it is so lavish it almost feel wrong” interpretation. Other entries can be found here. enjoy!