I am SHERlocked

Sentiment is a chemical defect found in the losing side – Sherlock.

As Mr. Holmes once said, love is a dangerous disadvantage, and I am greatly disadvanted in the moment. Let me first explain, I am currently having my summer holiday, but actually I have to work on my project, learn for my exams and prepare my presentation. But I cannot concentrate at all because I have this ridiculous feeling toward an actor. I have watched his films and tv series, I even searched for his interviews in youtube but I cannot sate my desire to see him more! (Oh well, I might sound like an obsessed fangirl now). So I just decided to write about my sentiment and get on with it. And I probably should give you a warning that this post might be very childish and girly and might contain spoiler if you have not watched Sherlock.

So I watched Star Trek into Darkness a few days ago and I found the movie very entertaining. I like the story a lot, since I was a kid I wanted to be an astronaut, and the visual effect is just a feast for the eye. I like Scotty the engineer, Dr Bones and Spock the vulcan. However, the villain stole it for me. This John Harrison a.k.a Khan who is played by Benedict Cumberbatch was very intimidating in the way he moved, the way he gazed, the way he tilted his head in a certain angle everytime he speaks and the way he spoke – oh my God his voice. His voice is so deep and dark and sinister but I was fascinated by his voice! particularly in the bridge scene where he explained the reason for his action. I also like the scene where he pretty much single handedly defeated a whole squad of Klingon soldiers and several patrol ships. Well, I might always have a thing for the baddies, because before this I also liked Tom Hiddleston a lot due to his role as Loki in Thor and the Avangers. But a friend said that I am not attracted by the villain at all, I like them because usually these roles are played by good-looking englishmen . I must admit, both Loki and Kahn are played by two talented actors, who came across as charming gentlemen with distinct accent.

Cumberbatch as Khan

Then I watched Ben in Graham Norton Show, where he tried to make a sinister trailer of the show and I laughed so hard because he is not only enermously talented but also quick witted and funny. His little impression he did at the end was so adorable. And after that, I watched him hugged a fan who took a 20 hours bus ride from Germany to attend the show only to be able to watch him. I found it so touching and I gasped and unconciously held my breath for so long lol. The funny thing is, Graham going “O my God” a hundred times off the camera and outfangirls the fangirl, it was so hilarious! I think at that moment, I might became one of his Cumberbitches 😛

Then I started to watch Sherlock, from the unaired pilot episode to the final episode of series 2, all in two days. One series consists of three 90 minutes long episodes. So, basically it was like watching 7 very good movies. Series 1 is great, but series 2 is even better in my opinion. My favorite episode so far is Scandal in Belgravia. At the beginning, I was a bit disapointed because in my imagination Irene Adler was a young beautiful singer with also great intelligence. But their version of the woman is entertaining to watch and the ending is just awesome and I did not see that coming at all. And I love how Sherlock was furious that Mrs. Hudson was attacked. He went mad in a very calm and calculated way, it was crazy. That scene shows me that he actually cared for the people around him. It was quite captivating, because in the previous episodes he was depicted as easily bored genius who is amused by mysterious murders. But hey, who would not fall for a handsome prodigy who master the art of disguise and can play a violin and compose a beautiful song when he is sad?

The Reichenbach Fall is also pretty impresive, of course due to the appearance of Moriarty, the criminal mastermind in the London tower too and how he danced to a classic music when he tried to get caught stealing the crown. I know that it was Ben who stood on the edge of the rooftop and it was Ben himself who jumped. Until now, I still don’t know what is this “clue everybody missed” that everyone talked about. I did not find any clue at all, let alone finding out the meaning of the clue. I am so looking forward to see this clue in the next series.

Cumberbatch as Sherlock

The soundtrack of Sherlock is perfect to accompany me studying as well. Apart from the opening, Pursuit and the woman are definitely my favorite. These kind of music makes me want to take my camera and make my own little short film, or at least slideshows. With this kind of soundtrack, even washing dishes or cleaning the house can be dramatic and not boring at all, believe me.

If you think I only like him because of his look, you are wrong. Do you want a proof? watch Inseparable, it is a very touching short movie and it is definitely worth 12 minutes of your life. Parade’s End might also be another good one, but I have not watched it yet. Now I am really eager to watch his performances in The Hobbit as Smaug and Necromancer and as Assange in the Fith Estate and I would really love to see Cumberbatch as Kahn again, although I know that the later is very unlikely to come true 😦 but I can always wish right? Now that I’ve watched all episodes of Sherlock, I hardly can wait for series 3 to come out. Well, I’ve written all this, I hope I can go on with my studying now. Oh! I’m SHERlocked.