Pasific Rim through my eyes

Pasific Rim Poster

So I watched this movie tonight and had really high expectation because my friends told me it is great. So I came in with a high expectation, well maybe a little bit too high. But in short, this is my review about the movie and of course Spoiler Alerts!! don’t read if you haven’t watched it and have plan to watch it. First, the critisism.

  • You see that sword that can actually cut the Kaiju? Why didn’t they just use it from the beginning? Why did they use it only when they’re 50000 ft above the ground? If they did, they wouldn’t have to bother falling from that height. And they can also spare the ship that they used as a bat for sure. They can make an excuse for rarely using the canon to spare energy (they run on freakin nuclear power and btw 20 tons Uranium fuel cell can provide electricity for 690000 homes for a whole year) But help me now, what is the excuse for not using the sword? 
  • Why did not the commander and the other ranger (whatever his name) use the evacuation pods before they self destruct? It might just save their lives. It’s not that they have to self detonate “automatically” on the spot you know?
  • So what if the bridge is destroyed? The Kaiju has made it once, they can definitely build another one. 
  • They spent hundreds of millions euro and dollars to make giant robots that can fight using fists? If you ask me, they should equip more plasma canon or something. They said tanks and missiles does not work, but i mean, people were more creative during vietnam wars with the orange agents and stuff. If explosive doesnt work, try chemicals.

I have to admit, english is not my mothertongue, so I might not understand things that actually answers the above critisism. I actually like Pasific Rim though and here is the reasons why

  • I like that the aliens come from beneath the oceans and not from the sky. I find it different and therefore refreshing
  • I like the child who played little Mako, I think she’s amazing
  • the scene Raleigh and Mako fight with the wooden wood is awesome, the movement, the steps, the speed are pretty cool.
  • I like that they name the aliens Kaiju and the giant robot Jäger. And I like that the actors speak Japanese fairly well.
  • The Jäger design is remarkable. I could imagine if someone want to really build one in real life, they will need an excellent team of IT, robotic and mechatronic engineers 
  • The most amazing thing about this movie is actually the visual effect. You know the scene where Gipsy cut the flying Kaiju? And where Gipsy drag the ship in downtown Hongkong? Even though I dont find the story behind these scenes very smart, the scenes itself are impressive.

So that’s my opinion about the movie. I like it a lot despite some weaknesses in their story. I’d definitely watch the sequel if they make one.