Bremen Freimarkt Fireworks

We only live in a small one room penthouse appartment. The bathroom is pretty big though and it’s equipped with bath tub. But sometimes I wish for a bigger flat where the kitchen and the bedroom is actually separated. But I cannot complain about the view. The building is higher than the other houses in the surrounding so we can have a good view and the scenery at sunrise and sundown is pretty amazing. We live near the Bremen main station and Bremen messezentrum where Freimarkt is held every year in mid-October.¬†Freimarkt is the oldest folk fair in Germany and the biggest in north Germany. Freimarkt is usually held for 2 weeks. On the opening night every year, there was a firework show. We could observe the colorful firework show from our window. Here are some shot I took during the show. It is fantastic how pretty explosive fire illuminated the autumn night sky.


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