Throwback Thursday: Dortmund’s flying Rhino

Throwback Thursday: Dortmund's flying Rhino

This was taken during my first trip to Poland with very good friends, Michal who kindly arranged every single thing from plane ticket to the hotel, bestfriends Justin and Suheybi, Erdal and me. All the other girls sadly cancelled their trip last minute, so I was the most beautiful one in the group 😛

We flew Ryan air, the famous cheap flight in europe, also known for its ridiculuos departure time. As we lived in Bremen, it took as several hours to get to the Dortmund airport. Our flight was very early in the morning so we left Bremen at night. Little did we know, Dortmund airport is closed at night. And we arrived there at 3 O’clock in the morning. We could not sit as there was no seats, could not sleep, no shelter whatsoever and it was cold as it was still early spring. But we could play with this flying Rhino of Dortmund, we rode it, jump on it, took pictures with different pose, waiting the airport to be open. The rest of the trip was so much fun as the guys are wonderful people to be around, except I got alergies.

Hope I could meet these wonderful people again someday, They are now back in their home countries as we all finished our bachelor studies in Bremerhaven.