the Last Lecture

I did not expect that today is the last day to have a lecture in maybe my entire life. I mean, I kind of knew it, but somehow I did not expect to be emotional. And even if I wanted to do PhD, I am pretty sure I would not have a lecture, and most probably I would be the one giving a lecture.

So, Bremerhaven is not a bad city, but I have seen better places. And this city is full of memories, 5 years of memory to be exact, since the very first time I step on the campus I desire so much.

Today, one of my favorite Professors, Mr. S gave a little speech at the end of his last official lecture and he said thank you to us. Thank you for being there, for being his students, and that this was one of his reasons to do his current profession, being a lecturer in the university and leave behind his career as an engineer in the industry. It is to transfer knowledge, because knowledge is very precious, much more precious than wealth. If you lose a house, you can build it again in one or two years. You can lose gold you can work again and buy maybe a better quality of gold. But once knowledge is lost, it takes at least a decade to retrieve it again, like coal gasification process or thermal hydrolysis extraction process. Some knowledge cannot be retrieved again once it’s gone. Like building a pyramid or extinct languages.

Anyway, I have so much respect for a lot of the lecturer in my university, university of applied science of Bremerhaven. They have a lot of dedication and immense care for their students. They can remember the names of hundreds of their students, it is almost scary. They do not only have to prepare a good lecture, they can also make a difficult subject to be interesting and easier to learn and understand. Additionally, they have a lot of other works, projects, research, cooperation with the industry, corrections of endless exams, and they still have the time to care for their students.

In my course, Process Engineering and Technology, there are only about 20 people from 8 different countries in my semester. We are the few people to have the opportunity to experience studying this master program together. It has been only 3 semester in the same class with them but it has been a wonderful time. It was never easy, especially if you also have to work, but it was great times.

I know that in the last summer only, the head of the departments had to reject around 150 applications for this program and more in the winter. I know a lot of people want to study in the Germany, and I know one of the reasons is the dedications of the professor, But the university has only so much place.

I am just grateful to be a student here. I learned a lot, not only the academic subjects, but also much more than that. I also met new friends, who can accept you and respect your race, country, religion, opinions as long as you respect theirs too. I am honored to be a student of great professors and to be part of this great class PEETM2013. Sure, there were time I panicked and stressed out due to deadlines and the load of works, but that only prepares me to face the real job right?

Oh I am so emotional today and the semester has not even ended yet. Maybe this is because the late snow or simply the little speech of Prof. S. Tomorrow is the last presentation of research seminar, the week after comes the first week of the exam period and another excursion to Industry Park in Frankfurt. Mid February is where the project deadlines lies. Then in March we will have the second period of exams. See? There are a lot more work to do. But the classes have ended. I will miss those times. For my classmates, the lecturers, and all that have made this study time awesome, thank you! I wish you good luck for the future. Mach’s gut!