Helgoland Island, a peacefful weekend getaway

So I went to helgoland island with my classmates, a small island in the northen Germany in the north see. Mainly, it is a research base for marine biology for AWI, Frauenhofer and other institutes. It is also a good place to retreat from the busy daily worklife and just enjoy the beach, the cliffs, the wind and the sea for a long weekend. It takes several hours to reach there by ferry, depending from where you depart and the size and speed of the ferry. Ours took about 3 hours from Bremerhaven if I’m not mistaken. The ferry ride was pretty awful for me, because I’m not really used to travelling by ship and the wave was pretty strong and I got seasick. I was so happy to finally see the white beach and get off the ferry. The island is small, you can spend 1 whole day and you can already discover almost everything on there, But it is a nice, tranquil island,


sea bird on the cliff




a very unique sclupture


stern of the ferry


not the best translation, but well, you know what it means


a crater of 5000kg bomb


the cliff, home of hundreds of birds


football field

DSC00714 DSC00716 DSC00724 DSC00740 DSC00719 DSC00742