Travel Theme: Work in Vatican

Travel Theme: Work

Work in Vatican

Work in Vatican


Vatican Guard



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How is it like wearing fancy dresses for work as a model? Or to stand dont know how many hours to guard a palace or a church like these men do. As a kid I often imagined to be a scientist or a doctor because i was fascinated by their white coat. But for my future work, at least i won’t have to wear high heels or short skirt because hopefully i will work as an engineer in a large scale production plants. I still got to wear those white coat in a food industry, but with helmet and a pair of safety shoes. But now in a steel company where I have my part time job as a student, I can forget the white coat. Even if your work in front of computer the whole day, you will manage to get any clothes with white colors to turn gray, trust me. 

I find the uniform of the vatican guard really interesting not only because of their color but also the design. There is one more uniform I wish to see in person: the London guards.