Dapur Sunda – Sundanese Kitchen, a must try culinary trip

So, I have been away from my blog since new year due to obvious excuses like exams and deadlines and work and then I got a blissful trip home. And here is just a glimpse of how awesome Indonesia is: the food!

So if you want to try something traditional indonesian and not a mainstream food in the mall, you should visit Dapur Sunda and Bandar Jakarta. I have a lot more recommendations, but first, you should try these two first.

So here is what we ordered for 6 people. We preffered fish alot because I miss good old fashioned indonesian  fish with rich spices and seasoning, not with only salt and pepper that I usually got in Germany:

1. Karedok

Karedok is a sundanese vegetable salad dish with peanut sauce with Kerupuk (lit. means traditional starch cracker). Trust me, Karedok is delicious and healthy, so if you like cucumber, bean sprout, eggplants, cabagge, green basil and peanut sauce, you should never pass it. It is similar like gado-gado, but it taste different.



2. Fried Fish ( i think it was a carb)

the fried fish there is very tasty, it was far from oily. The fin, flipper and tail were crispy and the fish itself still moist and savory. yum!


Fried Carb

3. grilled Fish.

I think the fish was mainly marinated with sweet soy sauce and shallot, and I dont know what else, but it was soo good I cannot explain. And you see the red sambal (pounded chilli and tomatoes with garlic and terasi paste) in the left corner? it was a little piece of heaven


grilled fish

4. Carb Soup

so this is the third fish dish, and it is a warm soup with basil. Tasty!


Carb Soup

5. Fried beef lung

I know, not a lot of people like to eat something unordinary, but you got to try it. It is a common dish in Indonesia. In Padang/Minang restaurant, the lung is usually fried till crispy, but here, it was tender and somewhat  “sweet”.


Fried beef lung


6. Stir-Fried Bean Sprout with salted Jambal fish

the Jambal fish is too salty for my taste, but the bean sprout is still fresh and crispy, not overcooked at all.


Bean Sprout with salted Jambal fish

7. Es Teler

I dont actually know if Es Teler is a dessert or a baverage. This is actually a mixture of sweetened condensed milk and shaved ice, with avocado, coconut, coconut water and sometimes with jackfruit also.


Es Teler Dapur Sunda

8. I tell you what, avocado juice is the best with sweetened condensed chocolate milk! other recommendation is iced coconut water with coconut, and various juice is available too


carrot+apple juice (left), iced coconut water and coconut (mid), avocado juice (right) and Es Teler (bot)


So I think Dapur Sunda should really pay me for this lol. But seriously though, if you ever visit Jakarta, dont just hang out  in the malls and eat the japanese and korean fast food that is currently blooming there. Try out some traditional food too, I guarantee it will be an awesome experience 🙂