My Top 5 Male Anime Characters

Hello! It’s been a long time since I actually write something and not just posting pictures. It is possible now because I finished my internship some times ago and I am currently waiting for the correction of my thesis from my busy supervisor. Honestly, I still have one other project and I should begin looking for my next job, but I think I deserve some holidays before the real battle begins. So, these days I watched a lot of anime and read a lot of Manga & Manhwa. I actually like reading novels too, but I like it more in book format. As I dont want to spend money buying new novels, I preffer to read free manga online for now. Hystorical story lines such as Chang Ge Xing (Song of the Long March) are always my favorites.

My favorite male characters this time around are not from the widely popular series like Naruto or Bleach. I do like them though. There was a time I fell head over heel for Hatake Kakashi and at some point I was seriously brokenhearted when I read something about Kuchiki Byakuya, captain of 6th Division. Anyway, this is my current favorite characters and you shall be warned, this may contain spoilers! Oh, this list is of no particular order.

Himura Kenshin – Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X)

Alright, the manga and anime itself is pretty old, but the character itself is still awesome, and it is based on actual samurai! Kenshin is described as not very tall, lean and a little bit feminine looking patriot. Nonetheless, he was the strongest and best fighter there was during the Bakumatsu period thanks to his fighting technique that relies on speed and agility. He is loyal, honest, charismatic and kind. He has the ability and support to hold a position of power in the military, yet he choose to protect the people in his own way. It is difficult not to fall in love with him. I just love to watch him struggle to suppress his old killer self and hold on to his vow not to kill again. It somehow shows me that it is not easy being a good and kind person and actually be valuable to society, which may explain the increasing amount of douche bag and criminals in my capital. Out of context, it may be hard being the better person, but it is worth it guys! lol. I also like how he trust his friends and how he behaves towards the ladies precious to him.

A live-action movie trilogy was released in 2012 and 2014. Takeru Satoh potrayed Kenshin and I think he did a very good job! Some swordfights were beyond expectation and the soundtrack was epic. The Kenshin in the movie is somewhat different than in the manga, he is more human. The effect of all the killings on his mental state is more apparent. I mean, of course you cannot stay normal after you kill dozens of people when you are not considered adult yet and hundreds more in wars right? His character makes me wonder about what would my grandfather think when he was fighting for independence of our country years ago. He was also in his teen when he fought the invading dutch.

Hei – Darker than Black

So we have another mass killer on the list. Hei is an undercover agent of a syndicate with a supernatural ability. He can generate electricity from his body at his will. He is swift and merciless. During mission, he usually wears black bulletproof coat, white mask and wields daggers. Unlike the other characters listed here though, he does not fight to protect something important to him. Sadly, he already lost the most precious person to him, who is his sister. She went missing and on his search to find her, he has to continue killing. He does not hestitate to hunt contractors, they are other humans with different supernatural abilities. He hates contractors and relates them to the dissappearance of his sister.

I love how hei can easily change his demeanor when he is undercover as exchange students or as a waiter. He comes accross as kind and sometimes silly and clumsy boy, but he can be very reliable and ruthless when in action. I don’t know where he learned to act, but he definitely deserves an Oscar more than Leo does. I also like how his character developed during the 25 episodes. He began to care for his teammates and acknowledge them as his friends. At some point, he even risked his life to save one of his team members. That is something a contractor would never do, as they only act on logical and calculated thinking and never on their feelings.

Frankenstein – Noblesse

Noblesse has not been animated and maybe will never be just because it is from Korea and not Japan and it makes me very sad. But the story and the characters are amazing and mystifying. Frankenstein is not the main character in this manhua, the MC is the noblesse, duh! But Frankenstein intrigued me more because he is a normal human, a mad scientist, a loyal servant, a school director and a powerful fighter all in the same time. And in between his extremely packed schedule, he still manages to care for his shoulder-length, flowing blond hair.  That is some really high level time management skill! He is very clean and well organized person, one bread crumb on his table can cause him massive annoyance.

Frankenstein is very good at everything that he does and he does a lot. As school chairman, he likes to compliment good students. He is a genius researcher, the experiment on human enhancement would not be anywhere near the current state if it’s not for him. As a person, he is very passionate yet playful. As a butler, he is very protective and patient when it comes to his master, Raizel. I love the sadistic look on his eyes everytime he meets a powerful opponent or anyone with the intention to kill Raizel. I like that despite all of that, he knows how to have fun and enjoy himself. Unfortunately though, his definition of fun involves a battle that could destroy half a city.

Sebastian Michaelis – Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji)

Heyyy, we have a second butler on the list! Trust me, this is not because I want a personal servant who would cook, do the dishes and laundry and clean the house for me! Even though I would not refuse if anyone would help me doing the chores *cough cough*. And guess what, who would make the perfect butler in the history of England? Yes, of course the devil himself.

I am actually torn between Sebastian and Ciel Phantomhive. Ciel is very smart and brave. He was a cute and innocent child until the tragic night on his birthday took literally everything from him, even his soul. But now, he is a capable head of Phantomhive, serving as the Queen’s guard dog. But it is possible because of Sebastian. Ciel may be a talented strategist, but Sebastian is a valuable pawn who does everything for Ciel. Sebastian can be anything, a butler, a chef, personal tutor, dance teacher, university proffesor and everything you can expect from a demon servant. Sebastian is extremely patient for a devil. I know how short a lifespan of human for him is, but even I can be really impatient when I am hungry. He also teaches the maid, the cook and the gardener, who are slow learners, relentlessly. I like how Sebastian seems to know everything about cakes and desserts. Also, it is amusing how he uses women to obtain informations. If he has to make a woman speak, he does it with style… and pleasure. Well, it teaches you, that sometimes, violence and torture is not the only way.

King Livius – Soredemo Sekai Wa Utsukushii

Finally we have someone sweet, cute and innocent on the list. Well, not exactly. He is the king who inherited a kingdom, wiped out rebellions, developed water distribution and irrigation systems and even expand the kingdom when he was not even 15 yet. He maybe a stern and unforgiving king, but at least he never killed a man with his own hands. He loves his mother very much. Since his mother’s death and his uncle dissappearance, he lives a lonely life without someone he can trust while governing a vast country. Until one day, on a whimp he decided to get wife who can summon rain and regulate weather.

Even though Livius is still a child, he grew up in the environment that forces him to think and act like an adult. Of course, as a good king, he can dance, knows etiquettes, is perfect in table manners and even astute in politics. He is a good decision maker and a gentlemen. Of course, sometimes he acts like his age, or even like a total brat. What I love so much about him is that he knows how to express himself. He does so much better in avoiding misunderstandings than any handsome, cool guy character in other shoujo manga. Livi is short, shorter and younger than his bride, Nike. But, he knows how to treat his lady. He tries to protect his queen without being too restraining. He totally captured my heart when he grabbed a sword and fought an assasin who was pursuing Nike. I also love how he totally lose it when seeing Nike with another man. Of course I have a lot of fun seeing him being all naughty and mischievous kid only toward his wife. It is entertaining to see how Livi and Nike change and develop to be able to get to know each other, making priorities, learning to understand and to accept each other.


Okay, these characters are all killers, except for Livius, but he raged wars. You might think that I am attracted to this cold, ruthless men with some kind of power. Oh well, power is attractive, but that’s not it. You know what is more attractive? People with goals. I’ve seen too many people doing what their parents or society expect them to do. I mean, of course, education is important. But you don’t have to be a doctor just because your parents wanted you to be one. I like people who know what they want and they try to achieve their objectives efficiently and effectively. But, at times they turn all soft and weak when it comes to the people they care about the most, except for Sebastian. You see, the one who always smiles is the scariest.

You dont have to agree with the list, you could always make your own lists. And if you know other manga or anime with similar characters, please leave me recommendations. I’d appreciate it and will be happy to check them out.