Moving back home

It’s been a month since I moved back to Indonesia, my home country. I finally finished my study abroad with satisfying results and actually got a good chance to work in Germany. Because of different reasons, I decided to go home. It was a big decision and it was not easy.

Before going for good, my parents and sister visited me and we had blast going on a mini eurotrip to Greece, Sweden and Denmark. Santorini is so pretty and they have really delicious food, I really want to come back there again someday.

I am staying at my parent’s home until probably January next year, while waiting for my hubby’s our future house to be renovated. Meanwhile, I have to learn and adapt again. This is home, but I everything is new to me and everyone expects me to know how to get around everything, so it is quite challenging. I need to learn the simplest things like how to go shopping at the mall and market places because the behaviour is simply different.

In this one month, I learned how to drive, and I got a driving lisence. It is almost a sin not to know how to drive in Jakarta. The public transport is so horrible and unsafe enough to make you think that way, even when you dont have a car yet.

Also, I started my program to be healthier, I started to workout and reduce my sugar intake. I also go jogging with my mom at the park several times in a week.

So that explained a little why I never updated anything in the last couple of months, you know, with thesis defence and moving and stuff 😉 Of course, I am currently looking for a nice job. I am taking my time and enjoying everthing I can, so that’s something. Druck mir die Daumen!