About Me

Hi there….

Welcome to my blog! You can call me Dini. I’m an Indonesian living in Germany as a student and currently pursuing a master degree in engineering. Living abroad has opened my mind about other cultures and allows me to meet different people from various nasionalities. It also taught me how important tolerance, communication and how precious your family and your home country is. In the same time, it encourages me more to visit other places I have never visited before.

Since I’m far away from my beloved mom, I have to be able to prepare my own food. At the beginning I was really struggling at this, but it develop my passion for cooking. I’m esspecially interested in simple recipee and particularly japanese and south east asian cuisine. I also like to travel just to try the local delicacy.

I love watching pro game of Dota2 but I’m really just a noob if I play the game my self πŸ˜› well, even the pros were once a noob right?

I enjoy traveling, like to take pictures and love good foods. I want to travel the world.

This blog exists as a journal for the moments I captured mostly during traveling and as a reminder of how amazing life can be and also as motivation, so if I am down, I can look back and be grateful.

have a wonderful day!