Bucket List

these are among the things I wish to do in no particular order:

-Studying in Germany (in progress)

Visiting Venice, my childhood dream city (done)

Basilica Di S. Maria della Salute viewd from ponte dell'accademia


– Get Bachelor degree (done)

-Get my master degree (in progress)

-Go on a perfect honeymoon in Lombok, a beautiful island west of Bali

– Bring my family to a long weekend gataway to Pulau Seribu, ( lit: thousand islands) an archipelago north of Jakarta

Watch Free to Play (done), a documentary film by Valve about the stories of 3 profesional Dota2 players. Finally they release this film! I was not dissapointed at all. This is the best documentary I’ve seen so far.

Free to Play, a Valve film

– Visiting China, see the great walls and the tera cota soldiers

-See the pyramid and the Sphinx

-See the Komodo dragon

– Pray in the Nabawi and Al Haram mosque

– Build my own cozy house with a small garden with mango or rambutan tree in it

go to a Dota2 LAN-event (done) and meet NaVi. So we went to ESL One in Frankfurt. But I haven’t met NaVi yet.

ESL one at Commerzbank Arena Frankfurt

ESL one at Commerzbank Arena Frankfurt

– Visit Predjama Castle in Slovenia

 -Eating tteokbokki

-Take my lil sister to Santorini