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Cosplay at Japan-Tag 2015 Japan Day

Japantag or Japan Day is a huge annual event to promote Japanese culture held in Düsseldorf. This year’s event was held on Saturday and it was the first time for me to be there.… Continue reading

Springtime in Bremen City Park

Winter came late last year and spring was also delayed. Now, when people talk about spring, I would imagine pink cherry blossom trees, blossoming roses and green grasses. While it is true, windy… Continue reading

WPC – Depth

this week’s theme is depth Beautiful castle of Schwerin has several entrances/exits. One of those exits leads directly to lake.

Berlin Festival of Lights

Berlin is quite a significant city in my life. When I decided to study in Germany and finally got the permission from my parents, I stayed in Berlin for about one and a… Continue reading

Contrast: blinding light and dark shadow

the rare moment in northern Germany when the sun shines so bright, you can barely see anything but shadows Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

ESL One Frankfurt – My First LAN Event

Some people like to watch football, others watch basketball. As for me, i like to watch dota2 pro games. It’s a very intricate game where a team of 5 people try to destroy… Continue reading

Helgoland Island, a peacefful weekend getaway

So I went to helgoland island with my classmates, a small island in the northen Germany in the north see. Mainly, it is a research base for marine biology for AWI, Frauenhofer and… Continue reading

White Bremen

Northen Germany is known for their grey weather. It is not too cold in the winter, and not to hot in the summer. Maybe that’s because we are so close to the sea.… Continue reading

Exploring Downtown Stuttgart

Rendy and I went to Stuttgart to visit our friends who went to the same college with us, Rike, Georg and Silda. Rike now studies in Masterprogram in the university of Stuttgart and… Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Dortmund’s flying Rhino

This was taken during my first trip to Poland with very good friends, Michal who kindly arranged every single thing from plane ticket to the hotel, bestfriends Justin and Suheybi, Erdal and me.… Continue reading