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Let’s Go Somewhere Beautiful, to the Greenery of Lintau

He took me to our first family trip together after we got married to the land where his parents grew up. His mother comes from a village called Lintau, in Tanah Datar regency, West… Continue reading

Lembah Anai, An Eye Catching Waterfall On The Trans-Sumatran Roadside

West Sumatra is a lush beautiful province of Indonesia and Lembah Anai is a relatively small green valley near its capital city, Padang. Lembah Anai waterfall is one of the easiest waterfall to… Continue reading

Jembatan Akar, a Living Bridge in West Sumatra

‘Jembatan Akar’ literally means ‘root bridge’ in Indonesian. It is a bridge built by intertwining the roots of two Banyan trees on Bayang riverbanks. It is located in West Sumatra, Indonesia and it… Continue reading

Nasi Goreng – Indonesian Fried Rice

Everybody in Indonesia knows Nasi Goreng. It is one of the most popular food because of its simplicity and delicious taste. As long as you have rice and egg, you can make it,… Continue reading

Indonesian Night in Bremen

  As Indonesian students studying abroad, we also have this responsibilities as ambassadors to introduce Indonesian culture and tradition. Of course, we learn and apply local culture, but it’s just a bit sad… Continue reading

Dapur Sunda – Sundanese Kitchen, a must try culinary trip

So, I have been away from my blog since new year due to obvious excuses like exams and deadlines and work and then I got a blissful trip home. And here is just… Continue reading

Pekalongan Batik Charm

Pekalongan is a city in the central java, located at the northen coast of the island. The reknown Pantura main road is going through this city. Pekalongan is an important harbour city and… Continue reading

Putu – traditional fragrant pandan cake

Kue putu is my childhood’s favorite street food. It is an indonesian green rice flour cake with palm sugar inside it. The cake is made by steaming it inside a short bamboo pipe for a… Continue reading

Lolong Durian Forest

On the island of Java, on the northen highlands, south of Pekalongan harbour city, there is a small village in the middle of the tropical forest. And this village is very unique due… Continue reading

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