The Magnificent Alhambra

Alhambra is a red fort in Granada on top of the hill protecting a beautiful palaces and gardens with a lot of pools inside. The monumental complex encompasses a vast area including the… Continue reading

This is Granada

Granada is a small beautiful tourist destination. The city has it’s own airport, but the direct flight sometime costs more than twice of the indirect flight. If you come from Bremen, it is… Continue reading

7h in Barcelona

So, what can you do if you have 7h transit in Barcelona? My family and I visited Spain last year. We landed in Girona airport. From there you can take a train to… Continue reading

My version of Udon Soup

You know what’s perfect to eat in the raindy cold weather? a simple soup of udon. you just need: frozen Udon (see the direction on the packaging how to cook them, the one… Continue reading


I finally got my bachelor degree in engineering!! After 5 years of having fun, traveling around europe, being lazy and hardwork i finally finished my study last year. 3rd Jan 2007. that day… Continue reading

Namárië, old me

I finally gained the access to my old blogs and other sites. You see, I’m a strange person, I have the need to share my thoughts, days, and stuff, but on the other… Continue reading

my awesome first internship

everything has its end. so does my time at this wonderful company. I started my intership in autumn 2011. I knew it immediately that I’d have amazing time here. the beginning is always… Continue reading

Am I being stalked?

Do you know why did I make this one blog, even though I actually already had other older blogs? Yes! because I got busted :p what’s done is done, so I’ll just tell… Continue reading

listen to one story

I stand quietly in his office, staring at his tidy desk and that empty chair. All the paper work are my now my duty to fulfill. But I don’t feel like doing it… Continue reading

Coffee Prince – proposal scene

I can’t promise you the stars and the moon in the sky And I’m sorry that your hands might still get cold in the water But I’ll work hard at it When I… Continue reading