I’m an intern

I now, it’s been such a long time. I even wished I got the password right when I signed in. lol I’m already in the higher semester now, and currently doing my internship… Continue reading

have you ever kissed someone you don’t love?

if yes, you’ve got to help me answer this question. why? you see, someone close to me kissed someone he didn’t love, and I didn’t expect that and quite surprised because I know… Continue reading

Starry, starry night

Miss my time at high school when I took part in the astronomy OSN preparation. I used to go to planetarium every day, trying to solve the tasks for 7 hours, and maybe… Continue reading

Campus Life

Like any other college students, Monday isn’t my favorite day. I don’t hate Monday though. Monday is good if I want to forget something or just stay away from any annoying thoughts. Because… Continue reading

Bremen Christmas Market

My boots got broken few days ago, so yesterday me and my roommate went to Bremen to look for a new pair. I waited for her until she finish her work at 5… Continue reading

My Sister said…

jaman skrg jgn cari tampang, tapi cari hati, org “tidak tampan” biasanya jaga hati, orang tampan lebih sering makan ati hahahaha

March for Palestina

Today I participated in a peace demonstration against Israeli Invasion to Gaza strip. For me, it’s the first time to attend such occasion. I’d never come to any protest like that in my… Continue reading

herzlich Willkommen

Hi all! I come from Indonesia, but at the moment I live in Berlin until the beginning of the next semester, then I’ll move to a city, somewhere in Germany. I hope it’s… Continue reading