Contrast: blinding light and dark shadow

the rare moment in northern Germany when the sun shines so bright, you can barely see anything but shadows Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast Advertisements

ESL One Frankfurt – My First LAN Event

Some people like to watch football, others watch basketball. As for me, i like to watch dota2 pro games. It’s a very intricate game where a team of 5 people try to destroy… Continue reading

Pink Spring


Dapur Sunda – Sundanese Kitchen, a must try culinary trip

So, I have been away from my blog since new year due to obvious excuses like exams and deadlines and work and then I got a blissful trip home. And here is just… Continue reading

Travel Theme: Work in Vatican

Travel Theme:¬†Work How is it like wearing fancy dresses for work as a model? Or to stand dont know how many hours to guard a palace or a church like these men do.… Continue reading

Framed Salzburg

Salzburg, from the castle’s windows so this is how royal family member see their city i guess A Word A Week Challenge: My Frame is the Window

Symmetry in Frankfurt

We had an excursion to Frankfurt  weeks ago. The first 3 photos are of a historical building in the industry park hoechst. The last one is of frankfurt main station. The excursion was… Continue reading

Helgoland Island, a peacefful weekend getaway

So I went to helgoland island with my classmates, a small island in the northen Germany in the north see. Mainly, it is a research base for marine biology for AWI, Frauenhofer and… Continue reading

White Bremen

Northen Germany is known for their grey weather. It is not too cold in the winter, and not to hot in the summer. Maybe that’s because we are so close to the sea.… Continue reading

the Last Lecture

I did not expect that today is the last day to have a lecture in maybe my entire life. I mean, I kind of knew it, but somehow I did not expect to… Continue reading