Exploring Downtown Stuttgart

Rendy and I went to Stuttgart to visit our friends who went to the same college with us, Rike, Georg and Silda. Rike now studies in Masterprogram in the university of Stuttgart and… Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Dortmund’s flying Rhino

This was taken during my first trip to Poland with very good friends, Michal who kindly arranged every single thing from plane ticket to the hotel, bestfriends Justin and Suheybi, Erdal and me.… Continue reading

A Word A Week Challenge: Pose

A Word A Week Challenge: A peacock prince strikes a pose, looking for a bride in Lazienki Park, Warsaw

Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

This sclupture is located in the back corner of the haunted castle of Schwerin. The castle itself is beautiful. But why would someone spend money to make this eerie sclupture? If this sclupture… Continue reading

Two Ducks on the Lake

a word a week challenge: Two

Horizon in Salzburg

where the sky meets the earth in romantic city of Salzburg

The Haunted Castle of Schwerin

Who doesn’t like castle? Well, my mother does not really like castle, especially the haunted one. But castle is every little girl’s favorite place, where the king and queen and their princess lived.… Continue reading

Bremen Freimarkt Fireworks

We only live in a small one room penthouse appartment. The bathroom is pretty big though and it’s equipped with bath tub. But sometimes I wish for a bigger flat where the kitchen… Continue reading

Pasific Rim through my eyes

So I watched this movie tonight and had really high expectation because my friends told me it is great. So I came in with a high expectation, well maybe a little bit too… Continue reading


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